Because You're Not Alone

We provide a safe haven of healing and hope for adult survivors of sexual violence or harassment, and their loved ones, while tirelessly working toward a safer future for all through education and awareness.

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Our Impact This Year

  • # of Times Supporting a Survivor in 2018


  • # of People Educated in 2018


  • Room to Thrive $ Raised Since July '18


  • Forensic Rape Kit Exams (THIS Year So Far)


  • Forensic Rape Kit Exams (LAST Year Total)


Now - More than Ever - Survivors Need Your Support!

  • –NWA Rape Survivors
    –NWA Rape Survivors

    "The Center's staff were very nice and treated me with dignity and respect and like a human being again...I feel empowered and know I'm not alone."

    "The advocates make you feel so comfortable and are absolutely amazing… I really feel like I can get through this and that everything is going to be OK."

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