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The impact of sexual assault affects the survivor and the survivor's loved ones (secondary survivors). Our comprehensive services are available - in English, Spanish, and Marshallese - for anyone in Northwest Arkansas who has been affected by rape or sexual assault.

We provide these FREE services to adult survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones: 


  • Forensic Rape Kit Exam Services. We offer free forensic rape kit exams in a compassionate, non-hospital setting. Rape kit exams gather DNA and other evidence from the survivor's body and can be performed any time within 96 hours of a rape or sexual assault. We provide our services to the Northwest Arkansas area (Benton, Madison, and Washington counties) and we utilize only trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners. In addition to collecting evidence, our nurses offer preventative antibiotics for sexually transmitted infections.

  • Individual Advocacy. Compassionate support, referrals, and resources for the survivor and/or their loved ones to assist through every step of the healing process: from reporting to exam to court process - if the survivors choose to report - or in whatever way the survivor needs support. 

  • Therapeutic Counseling. In-depth talk therapy to assist survivors and/or their loved ones in exploring their long-term healing needs. We provide individual, couples, and family therapy for anyone dealing with the emotional impact of sexual violence, no matter when it occurred. 

  • Support Groups. Our support groups give sexual assault survivors a safe place to find strength and healing in the company of other survivors. Groups meet weekly at our Center. In addition to our in-house support groups, we can come to your agency, organization, or institution to provide support and educational groups for your clients who may be survivors. 

  • 24-Hour Crisis Help Line. Crisis intervention, referral information, and emotional support to anyone dealing with the aftermath of rape and sexual assault. Speak to someone now at 800-794-4175.


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