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Our Outreach Projects

Kristofer Riggs

Prevention Education Specialist



As part of the NWA Center for Sexual Assault’s commitment to providing a safe haven of healing and hope to ALL adult survivors of sexual violence, the PES provides education and awareness through lectures and presentations. These presentations would include but not limited to the following topics: Sexual Consent, Sexual Violence, Rape Culture, Healthy Relationships, and Victim Blaming. The PES will also participate in multiple outreach services to members of the LGBTQI+, African American, Hispanic, Caucasian and Marshallese communities in Northwest Arkansas. Because we know that sexual violence/rape occurs here in NWA the PES will insure that an environment of acceptance, respect, safety and understanding is created and sustained for ALL survivors who seek services from the NWA Center for Sexual Assault.

LGBTQI+ Support Group

Every Second Thursday at 6:30pm
NWA Equality, Fayetteville, AR

A safe haven for LGBTQI+ survivors of sexual assault/harassment.


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