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Our Outreach Projects

Kinke Kwojjab Make Iam

About Kinke Kwojjab Make Iam: 

Provides a safe and confidential refuge for the Marshallese speaking community in addressing sexual assault and harassment through support, understanding and resources.

Anemkwoj Jen Kakkure (AJK)

Anemkwoj Jen Kakkure (AJK) has been created to start the conversation about sexual assault and sexual harassment in the Marshallese community, where there is no such word for sexual assault, instead a description of the word is used. Speaking about sexual assault is taboo in the Marshallese culture making the perpetrator get away with it and victims/survivors being ashamed to even come forward about it, fearing many things. AJK is a family oriented event, mainly focusing on the Marshallese community through education and awareness; ensuring our organization's commitment to provide equal access of services to all members of our NWA community. Kinke Kwojjab Make Iam (KKMI) has brought this event annually to the Marshallese community as a method to liberate the negative stigma of rape culture. 

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Name Person Phone Address
Consulate General of RMI Eldon Alik (479)419-9332 109 Spring St. STE 3 Springdale, AR. 72764
Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese Melissa Laelang (479)365-6625 614 E. Emman Ave. STE 113 Springdale, AR. 72764
Marshallese Education Initiative Carlnis Jerry (479)365-7019 614 E. Emma Ave. STE 203 Springdale, AR. 72764
U.A.M.S Benetick Maddison (479)713-8000 1125 N College Ave. Fayetteville, AR. 72703
Legal Aid of Arkansas Mia Bien (479)442-0600 1200 Henryetta St. Springdale, AR. 72762
HARK N.W.A. Christina Capelle N/A 800 Founders Park DR. E Springdale, AR. 72762
Ozark Guidance N/A (479)750-2020 2400 S 48th St. Springdale, AR. 72762
Arkansas Children's Northwest Nota Note (479)725-6800 2601 Gene George Blvd. Springdale, AR. 72762
Springdale Public Schools Anita Iban (479)750-8800 804 W. Johnson Ave. Springdale, AR. 72764
Shared Beginnings Jadieann McAvoy (479)313-9631 1845 Main Dr, Suite B. Fayetteville, AR, 72704


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