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Our Outreach Projects

GRACE for Survivors

Guidance. Resources. Awareness. Compassion. Education.

GRACE for Survivors connects faith leaders and faith organizations with sexual assault service providers to help meet the healing needs of survivors who seek comfort from faith communities. 


GRACE for Survivors aims to provide guidance, resources, awareness, compassion, and education to survivors and the faith communities that support them. Knowing what to say after someone discloses sexual assault can be difficult. We aim to help faith communities feel better equipped with the training and resources necessary to best address the needs of adult survivors. In addition, because GRACE for Survivors values diversity and inclusion and embraces all faiths, beliefs, practices, and religions, we plan to build partnerships with faith communities that reflect the diverse beliefs of the residents of Northwest Arkansas.

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If you are part of a faith community that speaks Marshallese or Spanish, feel free to reach out to them:


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