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Healing Corner

If you’ve made it here,


This is the official blog for the NWA Center for Sexual Assault. Here you can access all things sexual violence awareness, prevention, education, and self-care. Being here is the first step in creating a community of knowledge seekers, activists, allies, and survivors. We will be posting blogs every week, and for special events, we may post extra, so make sure to sign up for updates or check back weekly.


Healing Corner

I really want to know what makes my life less valuable than yours.

I do not think you understand the pain, I feel.

The Education Amendment Act of 1972, Title IX, is composed of only 37 words, but fundamentally changed how federally funded schools responded to sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

We can all go from wherever we are to wherever we want to be. No dream is impossible provided we first have the courage to believe in it.

Here is how you can do that—13 ways to improve your life...

History, year-round, should consist of different experiences, world views, and not just the stories of the white “victor.” Incorporating different histories year-round allows us to better create communities that protect and uplift all people.

You may be thinking at this point What does a heritage month have to do with sexual violence, prevention, or mental health? Short answer, everything!

I have another post regarding rape culture, and I want to expand on my thoughts. I am not saying that all TV shows or films do a horrible job of handling sexual assault and rape culture in a manner that promotes understanding or providing a voice rather than victim-blaming. When I think of a movie that shows the reality of rape culture; Precious comes to mind (spoilers and TW: abuse, incest, and sexual violence, below). 

The entertainment industry benefits from showing sexual assault. In an ideal world, I want to believe that the television, film, and music industries would use their platform to educate on sexual violence, while also making survivors feel empowered to share their stories.

This is an anonymous letter from the perspective of someone struggling with depression. They are writing to explain what it means to be in a relationship with someone who has depression.

Bored, anxious, or stressed in Quarantine? Join the club, but not really because that would be against social distancing regulations. You might’ve heard the saying “Modern problems require modern solutions” hopefully after reading this article it will give you some unconventional ideas to alleviate boredom or ease anxiety during this unconventional time.

It’s coming to the end of April, which also means the end of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, but have you ever thought about who paved the way?

Who fought for national sexual violence awareness? Well if you have, or if you haven’t, I am here to provide all the information.

If you’ve made it here, welcome! 

This is the official blog for the NWA Center for Sexual Assault. This is going to be where you can access: resources, information, history, social commentary on sexual violence, and Center updates and events...

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