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If You've Been Raped or Assaulted

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911!


If you are in a safe place and want immediate support or assistance, call our hotline 800-794-4175 and an advocate will answer questions, provide emotional support and assist you in next steps toward healing.



You are not alone. Our team is here to support you, no matter when your rape/assault occurred - whether it was when you were a child, just now, or any time in between - and no matter where you are in your healing process. We offer comprehensive free services - in both English and Spanish that can assist you as you move forward. You'll find more info on our services under the What We Do header. 


If you have any serious injuries, please go to a local Emergency Room or Urgent Care - if you do not have injuries requiring immediate medical attention, please contact us for help in determining the best next steps for you.  

Whether or not you choose to report to police right away, one step you can take in the wake of an assault is to get a forensic rape kit exam to preserve any evidence that may be on your body. Our Center provides free forensic rape kit exams in a compassionate, confidential setting. You only have a 96 hour window for the exam, so if you are not sure you want to report to police, you still want to consider whether getting an exam is a step you want to take.

To find out more about getting a rape kit exam or to answer any other questions you may have, call our hotline at 800-794-4175 - one of our advocates can:

  • Schedule a rape kit exam for you with one of our trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (if you choose to have an exam done).

  • Assist you in determining how and when to report to police if you choose to do so, and even accompany you to speak to police or assist you in navigating the legal system.

  • Assist you in safety planning if you are concerned you may still be in danger from your perpetrator.

  • Assist you in finding additional resources and community support that can help you in the wake of the assault.

  • Schedule you an appointment with one of our counselors so you can begin individual counseling sessions to help you cope with and heal from the assault.

  • Provide you with support group options so you can connect with and learn from other survivors in a safe, therapeutic setting.



If you do choose to have an exam, please note that it is best if you do not shower, eat, drink, smoke, comb your hair, urinate, douche, or change clothes before getting an exam as valuable evidence of the assault remains on your body and clothes. However, we know that these are common behaviors in the wake of an assault and if you have already done these things, please don’t let this stop you from getting an exam - just do the best you can to minimize these things.

If you have changed clothes, place the clothes you were wearing during the assault - including underwear - in a paper (not plastic) bag and bring them to the exam with you. If you believe you may have been drugged, please try to wait to urinate until you arrive at our crisis clinic. However, if you can’t wait, collect your first urine in a clean container with a lid and bring it with you to the exam. Also, be sure to tell the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner your symptoms and that you believe you were given a drug so that they can take the necessary samples.


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