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Our Outreach Projects

Let's Talk NWA

Let's Talk NWA is by and for Black People in NWA Impacted by Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault


We offer a safe, nonjudgmental and confidential platform for addressing domestic violence in the black community through support, understanding and resources.

Don't sweep domestic violence and sexual assault under the rug.

Let's Talk NWA:

  • Works to effect positive change in the black community by breaking the cycle of domestic violence 

  • Creates a safe hub for self-expression by Black people about domestic violence and sexual assault

  • Makes space where folks can acknowledge problems without fear of punishment and ask for help when feeling out of control

  • Provides a professional, safe haven for obtaining resources, education and services for Black Northwest Arkansans who have been impacted by domestic violence

Here's why Let's Talk NWA is vital to our collective healing:

Let's Talk NWA provides FREE:

*Resources   *Advocacy   *Counseling   *Peer Support    *Community Dialogue and Education Opportunities.

You are not alone. We are here for you.

Contact us: 

Follow us on Facebook: @LetsTalkNWA

Let's Talk is seeking volunteers to help reach more people in NWA. For more information about each volunteer position, click on the title below:

Our Impact This Year

  • # of Times Supporting a Survivor in 2018


  • # of People Educated in 2018


  • Room to Thrive $ Raised Since July '18


  • Forensic Rape Kit Exams (THIS Year So Far)


  • Forensic Rape Kit Exams (LAST Year Total)


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