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What We Do

Bars Against Sexual Assault

Everyone in NWA should be able to live, learn and play in safety.

As part of our mission to create a safer future for all, the NWA Center for Sexual Assault has partnered with a team from the University of Arkansas School of Public Health to develop and implement a "barstander" project that will engage bartenders, bar staff, and bar owners in the meaningful intervention and prevention of sexual aggression and sexual assault at local bars. This project is still undergoing its full development, but our advocates have initiated this partnership with local bar staff by providing our Center's infographic* for their patrons' reference in bar restrooms throughout Northwest Arkansas. 

*If you are a bar owner and have not yet received our infographic, or need a replacement, please call our office at 479-347-2304. 

Our Impact This Year

  • # of Times Supporting a Survivor in 2018


  • # of People Educated in 2018


  • Survive to Thrive $ Raised Since June 2017


  • Forensic Rape Kit Exams (THIS Year So Far)


  • Forensic Rape Kit Exams (LAST Year Total)


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