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Light Up the Night - Nov. 11, 2017

Honoring the University of Arkansas' Office of Greek Life

with Special Recognition of Parice Bowser
Saturday Nov. 11, 2017, 7 p.m.

Light Up the Night, hosted by KNWA News Anchor Nate Kuester, is NWA Center for Sexual Assault's annual signature event at which we celebrate the strength of NWA survivors and honor those who make a difference. At Light Up the Night, we award the prestigious Roger Collins Beacon of Hope Award for excellence in supporting adult survivors of sexual assault to a deserving individual or institution in our community that has gone above and beyond in supporting survivors and combating sexual assault. We also take this time each year to honor an individual of excellence in law enforcement support of adult survivors with our Lighthouse Award. 

Masks worn by attendees of Light Up the Night serve as a representation of the “masks” that many survivors of sexual assault wear every day to hide the feelings they carry from the assault. The unmasking of a survivor at the event will symbolically allow our community to unmask the issue of sexual assault so that we may all become beacons of hope in supporting our survivors in Northwest Arkansas.


Our Impact in 2017

  • Survivors Served


  • Hours Educating Our Community


  • Survive to Thrive $ Raised


  • Forensic Rape Kit Exams


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