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Please fill out the following form to apply as a volunteer to do direct services with survivors at the Northwest Arkansas Rape Crisis Center. If you would like to help spread the word, click here.

Once an application has been reviewed by a volunteer supervisor, applicants will be asked to come to the Center for an interview. The interview is an opportunity for you and staff to learn more about each other: expectations, requirements, and concerns. Among other things, we will also ask you to tell us about any personal experience you may have had with sexual violence.


Please answer the following questions.

8. Please list two people who could provide a reference for you, preferably someone who has supervised you in some capacity. Do not list friends or family.

Reference 1

Reference 2

I do hereby authorize the Northwest Arkansas Rape Crisis Center to verify any representations made by me, whether oral or written, concerning my application for the position of volunteer. I understand that the Northwest Arkansas Rape Crisis Center may contact individuals or organizations other than those I have provided as references or other information, which it feels may be pertinent to my application for this position. I also authorize the Northwest Arkansas Rape Crisis Center to run a criminal background check on me.

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